API rate limits

The Stocktwits API only allows clients to make a limited number of calls in a given hour. This policy affects the APIs in different ways.

Default API rate limiting

The default rate limit for calls to the API varies depending on the authorization method being used and whether the method itself requires authentication.

All Stocktwits API responses return a set of rate limit HTTP headers. These headers provide the limit, remaining amount of requests for that limit, and a UNIX timestamp of when the rate limit resets again.

Rate limits and errors

Error responses are rate limited against either the authenticated or unauthenticated rate limit depending on where the error occurs. Unauthenticated responses will typically return a HTTP 400 or 401 status code.

Rate limits are applied to methods that request information with the HTTP GET or HEAD method. Generally API methods that use HTTP POST to submit data to Stocktwits are not rate limited. Every method in the API documentation displays if it is rate limited or not.

Actions such as publishing messages, sending direct messages, following and unfollowing stocks or users are not directly rate limited by the API but are subject to fair use limits.

If you are rate limited

If your application is being rate-limited it will receive HTTP 429 response code. It is best practice for applications to monitor their current rate limit status and dynamically throttle requests.

The following is a sample rate limited response:

  "response": {
    "status": 429
  "errors": [{
    "message": "Rate limit exceeded. Client may not make more than N requests an hour."

Partner API

If your application requires extended data or a higher rate limit, you may want to consider becoming a partner. Please contact our team for more information.


We ask that you honor the rate limits. If you or your application abuses the rate limits we will be forced to suspend and or blacklist it. If you are blacklisted you will be unable to get a response from the Stocktwits API.

If you or your application has been blacklisted and you think there has been an error you can contact us via email for support.